July 24, 2018

WAIT AND SEE:  The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said five proposals for bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) submitted back in January will have to wait until September for an answer. It remains to be seen whether other bitcoin ETF proposals, such as the one from VanEck and SolidX, also get postponed, though as it stands a decision for that one may come as soon as next month. Full Story

The latest hot apps on ethereum resemble Ponzi schemes. The blatant similarities between games such as FOMO 3D (named after the acronym for "fear of missing out") and outright scams push participants to high levels of risk that some describe as "exciting" and wholly part of the appeal. Full Story

Ever wanted to mine cryptocurrency but never had the computing resources to do it? A new mining software dubbed the Honeyminer promises bitcoin payouts (albeit small ones) for anyone with a Windows laptop. Ten thousand downloads of the program have been garnered since June with a reported 18% of users hailing from developing countries. Full Story
Bitcoin cash (BCH) forked from bitcoin (BTC) last summer. It's not only competing against bitcoin for investor dollars, but also for recognition as the "true bitcoin."

Comparing the fundamental metrics of BCH against BTC reveals how this competition is playing out. On average, each metric presented for BCH stays below 20% of BTC's. However, over the past few weeks, BCH transaction counts have been increasing. On July 21, the BCH transaction count hit 51% of BTC's.

Why is this important? A blockchain around 1/10 the price of BTC is getting more than half of BTC's network throughput as it stands.

Learn these insights and more in the CoinDesk Q2 State of Blockchain report.More research

WAX ON, WAX OFF: Bitcoin prices broke $8,000, reaching a two-month high of $8,130 on crypto exchange Bitfinex, though the bullish trend may wane in the next few days given overbought conditions, technical analysis indicates. More research

BLOOMBERG: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission "doesn't appear ready to aprove a bitcoin ETF anytime soon," according to Bloomberg Intelligence analysts.

The reasons why include the agency's sensitivity to public opinion and the potential market impact of such a decision.


FORTUNE: Supplementing the magazine's usual "40 under 40" list of rising young business leaders, there's a separate honor roll just for blockchain influencers.

The faces are familiar to CoinDesk readers, with Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong leading the pack.

AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW: Chances are the next Australian blockchain startup you hear about will feature a female co-founder, according to this local business publication.

The article reports groundbreaking success for some Aussie women in the blockchain sector such as Leanne Kemp, who started Everledger to accurately track the ownership of diamonds.

THE VERGE: Remember all those celebrity-endorsed crypto projects a while back? This is the "where are they now?" story.
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